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29975 S 566 Rd Afton, OK  74331

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Opening Acts

Our delicious specials made to order

Roughage On Tour

all orchestrated by your favorite dressing & the cracker bread band


Add to MAKE a Really Big Show!


See ‘em transform from Plain Jane Cheese to a specialty act to the Whole Shootin’ “SHEBANG”

Pasta Calore

pasta acts appear with toulouse salad & fresh baked baguette with olive oil

Fowl Play

APPEARING EVERY PLUCKING NIGHT! with the potato, toulouse salad, and fresh baked baguette

Ribs and Chops

Appearing with Homemade Potato Salad, Baked Beans and Fresh Baked Baguette with Herbed Olive Oil

Seafood Troupe


Burgers and Meaty Manwiches

Appearing with either HANDCUT Frnch Fries or Sweet Potato Fries for over three decades

Black Angus Revue

A company of beefy hunks thrilling both male and female audience with their juicy performance. All on tour with the hot potato “Miss Ida Hoe” plus toulouse salad, and fresh baked baguette


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